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The only constant in the realm of cyber security is change; hackers are continuously maturing and becoming more sophisticated, attack patterns are constantly evolving, and the threat landscape is growing more volatile every day; one cyber attack occurs every 39 seconds.

That’s why we’ve enhanced Leo’s knowledge of cyber attacks, targets, and industries so you can keep pace with the threat landscape and do what you do best: maintain the integrity of your security posture. You can ask Leo, your AI research assistant, to flag critical cyber attacks in your feeds and focus on specific attacks targeting your industry or supply chain. You can also push attack insights to your internal platforms via the Feedly API.

Track all types of cyber attacks with a single smart topic

Leo flags important information to focus your efforts on targeted insights. Leo understands cyber attacks because we taught him about malware, ransomware, data breaches, phishing, social engineering, and fraud.

You can train Leo further and have him focus on the specific topics, threats, and threat actors you care about to gain a deeper understanding of the threat landscape as it applies to you.

From a proactive monitoring perspective, the power of using Feedly and Leo is to actually inform you of breaches before anyone else knows.”

Cybersecurity Analyst at a top energy provider

You can start by training Leo to recognize cyber attacks as a smart topic, a concept that Leo has been trained to understand with our AI models. Simply navigate to the security category you want to add this insight to and enter “cyber attack” as a topic. Training Leo to highlight cyber attacks in your security feed keeps you up-to-date with the most recent reports. Highlighting the attacks that are actually being conducted in the wild helps you effectively prioritize and ensures you never miss a thing. 

Focus on attacks targeting specific industries or Fortune 500 companies

We’ve taught Leo to recognize 19 industry sectors to ensure you always have the most current industry-relevant threat intelligence at your fingertips. Don’t see your industry? No problem! Ask us and we’ll teach Leo to recognize it.

We were able to turn the list of our top partners into a Leo Priority and ask Leo to flag cyberattacks targeting those partners. That’s how we identified that one of our vendors had been breached a week before that the actual company told us.”

Cybersecurity Analyst at top energy provider

Leo also recognizes each company listed in the Forbes Fortune 500 list to help you optimize and maintain your vendor security initiatives.You can gain these deeper insights simply by adding the industry or company you want Leo to flag for you. 

You can use Leo to detect new risks, reinforce your vendor risk programs, and potentially be the first to discover a breach. 

Track attacks targeting your supply chain

Track up to 1,000 vendors in your supply chain to see the most relevant cyber attacks early.

Supply chain attacks have been in the limelight recently. Now, Leo can help you cross-reference your known vulnerabilities with the latest threat intelligence. Proactive alerting informs you of critical vulnerabilities, cyber attacks, and emerging threats before anyone else. Need to know about zero-day exploits as soon as they are targeted? No problem. Need to create your own list of companies you want to track? Leo has your back.

Leo continuously gets smarter and more accurate. This process is optimized with your feedback! With the ‘Less Like This’ button, you can let Leo know the article he prioritized is wrong or not relevant to you. 

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Every second counts in cybersecurity. You tell Leo what you want and he populates the insights you need, when you need them.

Leo does the work upfront so you can filter out the noise and save massive time, working smarter and faster. Up to 80% faster.

Before using Leo to track cyber attacks, we would struggle with an overload of data and waste time sifting through information. Our feed is now 2-3 times shorter, we do not miss out on any important cyber attacks and we earned back so much time!

Anonymous Cybersecurity Analyst

Want to track specific cyber attacks in your field?

The Leo Cyber Attack skill is one of Leo’s advanced AI skills in the Feedly for Cybersecurity package.

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