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Protecting WillowTree and their clients in just 25% of the time

Since using Leo, Drew has been able to cut down intelligence gathering time every day to just 30 minutes. He knows which articles are most important to read, and can easily see what’s happening in the world of cybersecurity. Not only can he respond quicker to threats and vulnerabilities, Leo also gives him more time to focus on other important work.

“Instead of having to look and sort through articles over 2-hour periods, now I can do it in about 30 minutes, and get better quality of information with Leo.

Protecting WillowTree with continual threat monitoring

Drew leveraged his Feedly setup during the SolarWinds attack to get the critical information, without the noise that happens during this kind of event. Drew didn’t care about the editorial commentary around SolarWinds; he wanted the technical facts so that he could serve his company and their clients. 

How WillowTree sorted technical updates from news commentary during the  SolarWinds breach: Read the full story

Beyond the SolarWinds event, Drew is able to equip WillowTree developers with the information they need to protect the company. Whenever he finds a vulnerability through Feedly, he shares more about it with the team so they understand why fixing it is important. He also uses the information he finds in Feedly to verify Proof of Concepts (PoCs).

Alerting WillowTree clients to security concerns 

Drew also uses Feedly to get indicators of compromise (IoCs) to share with clients, to better protect them now and prevent future threats. He can now send developers and project managers actionable documentation that they can share with clients in the case of a threat.

Before using Feedly and Leo, Drew spent upwards of two hours each day monitoring security news. Now, he’s reduced the time spent monitoring to just 30 minutes per day. Since using Leo to prioritize critical news, he spends 75% less time, but gets better quality information because his Feeds are tailored to his exact needs. 

“Security news is massive in terms of the scope and the breadth it can go, because each industry has different news. Feedly will save you time and help you condense all of your news articles and news feeds into one place.”

Drew’s team is expanding with a new security hire soon. He plans to train the new team member on the monitoring foundation he’s set up with Feedly so he and his team can continue to efficiently monitor supply chain threats, alert clients, and get the information they need. 

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