Beginner Violin Violin Beginner Kids Purple Violin Children’s Beginners Exam Practice Violin (Size : 1/2)


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Sound Wonderful: acoustic violin is a beautiful instrument; stay tuned quite well and can create great sounds to your untrained ear
1/8 size is suitable for arm length below 47CM, age 4-6 years old
1/4 size is suitable for arm length below 47-52CM, age 6-8 years old
1/2 size is suitable for arm length below 52- -56CM, age 8-10 years old
3/4 size is suitable for arm length below 56–60CM, age 10-12 years old
4/4 size is suitable for arm length above 60CM, age above 12 years old

10 steps for violin maintenance

Wipe the instrument with a soft fabric immediately after use, and don’t forget that the rosin on the strings should also be wiped off.

The instrument should be placed away from heat and humidity.

If you don’t use it for a long time, you can lower the four strings by one standard tone on average. This is true for the piano.

Always check the posture of the Qin Code to see if it is standing upright on the bridge line and leaning back slightly, and correct it in time.

The piano needs to be buckled in the box, the piano case is in hand, and the piano body often happens.

After the bow is used, the hair of the bow must be relaxed, otherwise the long-term tension will quickly make the bow lose its elasticity.
force. Restoring elasticity is a very technical job.

When the rosin is applied to the bow, it is sufficient that the hair of the bow goes back and forth on the rosin three or four times.

The stains on the piano should never be wiped with organic solvents such as alcohol, gasoline, banana water, turpentine, etc., which will damage the paint and the sound quality of the "wiping oil"

The four strings cannot be fine-tuned, which is unfavorable to the sound of the piano, because the effective length of the strings on the piano is strictly regulated. Use "pinch paste" (for each string change) in the shaft and shaft hole Apply some "pi
The pattern on the back panel is soft and the paint is evenly colored. The texture is hard and not easy to crack, the vibration frequency and response to string vibration are excellent and the acoustic performance is good, and the fundamental and overtones of each sound emitted are equally sensitively transmitted.
The piano head is hand-carved, the curve is smooth and natural, the acoustic performance is excellent, and the peg hole is accurately positioned. The knob is made of solid wood, so it can be tuned to avoid running sound.
Original piano code, stable sound, longer use, not easy to be deformed, and avoid sound quality problems caused by the sliding of strings. Adjust twice before delivery, and feel comfortable.
The exquisite fine-tuning device can easily grasp the sound effect, and users can fine-tune the piano sound according to their own preferences.
The tail rope adopts high-strength acoustic tail rope. High tensile strength, small expansion, long life, not easy to aging.

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Beginner Violin Violin Beginner Kids Purple Violin Children’s Beginners Exam Practice Violin (Size : 1/2)


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