LvPets Lyre Harp 16 Metal Strings Mahogany Classic Lyre Harp with Gig Bag Gifts for Amateur & Beginner (Coffee Helio)


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The harp is one of the oldest plucked instruments in the world. It originated in ancient Persia (Iran). According to Egyptian ancient maps, this instrument appeared in the third or fourth millennium BC. At that time, it was shaped like a bow with strings. Legend has it that it was invented inspired by the chirping of the arrows when shooting arrows. In the middle Ages, it was recorded that the ancient harp was the lyre, and after many years of successive improvements, the modern harp was formed. It is exquisite and beautiful in shape, silver crystal clear pure like jade beads. The ancient Egyptians regarded the harp as a sacred instrument. The harp gained considerable popularity about a thousand years ago.

Because of its rich connotation and charming sound quality, the harp has become a special color instrument in the symphony orchestra and musical dramas. It mainly plays the harmonic accompaniment and the decorative sentences in the sliding style. It often plays the finishing touch and makes the audience unforgettable. The harp is also an important solo instrument in chamber music. Solo can play a soft and beautiful lyric section or cadenza, very infectious.

Pakaging List
3 pc * Picks
1 pc * Gig Bag
1 pc * Lyre string
1 pc * Lyre Harps
1 pc * Tuning wrench
1 pc * Instruction book

Unique Design: The sound hole is carved into a helio pattern,harp equipped with durable 16 metal steel strings. When you hear it releasing beautiful and moving sound, as if into the fairyland happy flying.
Easy to Tuning:You can adjust the tension of the strings directly by using the tuning wrench included in the package and rotating it clockwise or counterclockwise. The shorter the string, the higher the pitch you get. Tuning can refer to the tuner or download tuning software APP. When tuning, remember not to adjust too much at one time, so as not to break the string.
Widely Application:The harp is a simple instrument with a long history and widely used in ancient Musical Instruments. It has rich connotations and pleasant sound quality. It can be played solo, ensemble and ensemble. It is suitable for performance, travel, therapy and teaching. it is the best gift for children, beginners, bands, friends and professionals and so on
Package List:1*16 Lyre Harp, 1*Tuning Wrench, 1*Lyre string, 1*Black Gig Bag, 3*Picks,1*Instruction book. 30 days unconditional return guarantee, If you have any questions or demanding advice with the lyre harp, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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LvPets Lyre Harp 16 Metal Strings Mahogany Classic Lyre Harp with Gig Bag Gifts for Amateur & Beginner (Coffee Helio)


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