Mendini by Cecillo Bb Clarinet w/Case – Best Beginners Clarinet for Students, Adults and Kids w/Stand, Pocketbook, Mouthpiece and 10 Reeds – Wind & Woodwind Musical Instruments – Black


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From the Manufacturer

All of our clarinets are tested at our factory and inspected again by skilled technicians at our Los Angeles distribution center prior to shipping. Please read the clarinet owner’s manual carefully to assembled and tuned the clarinet properly.

Clarinet Owner’s Manual

It is important to disassemble and thoroughly clean the clarinet after playing then stored in its case. Tips: Use a small amount of cork grease on joints to help ease assembly of the clarinet and wipe off excess grease. Rinse mouth after eating / drinking prior to playing. Always store the clarinet in its case when not in use to prevent damage. Avoid direct and extended exposure to: sunlight, rain, heaters, air conditioners. It is recommended to bring the clarinet to a skilled technician at least once a year to be serviced.

Getting Started

We recommend first time players to seek assistance from an instructor. If an instructor is not available, follow these steps below. Remove the clarinet from the case by lifting it from the edges. Never grab the clarinet by its keys.
Compact Clarinet Stand
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Portable Compact Clarinet Stand

The compact clarinet stand is stored inside the clarinet bell. Assembling Instructions: 1. Unscrew cap at the bottom of the stand. 2. Extend the legs. 3. Screw cap back on with the legs extended.Mouthpiece
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Attaching the mouthpiece

6. Attaching the reed: a) Moisten the thin end of the reed in mouth or in cup of water. b) Remove the ligature from the mouthpiece and then position the reed on the mouthpiece so that the tip of the mouthpiece is seen just over the end of the reed. c) While holding the reed in place, slide the ligature over the reed and mouthpiece, adjust to fit, and tighten the ligature screws.Large ring key
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Holding the Clarinet

1. Lubricate all tenon-corks on the mouthpiece, upper and lower joints with cork-grease (included with package). Make sure to apply an even coat of grease. 2. In a twisting motion, gently attach the barrel to the upper joint of the clarinet. 3. In a twisting motion, gently attach the bell to the lower joint of the clarinet. 4. In a gentle twisting motion, connect the upper joint to the lower joint while gently pressing the large ring key to bring the upper bridge key up. (See photo on the left of the ring key on the upper joint). Using this method will prevent damaging the keys.


Pitch is affected by temperature, so warm up the clarinet before playing by blowing air through it. Use a chromatic tuner or piano can help tune the clarinet. The tuning pitches for the clarinet are C and G. Play a C and G on the piano or find it on the tuner. To tune, pull barrel slightly away from the body. The length of the barrel to the body depends on individual preference and method of playing. To further adjust the intonation of the clarinet, put out on the upper and lower joints.Upper joint bridge above the lower joint bridge
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Joining the Upper and Lower Bridge Joints

5. The lower joint bridge key will slide under the upper joint bridge key. Be careful, as careless assembly can cause damage to the bridge keys. Align the upper joint bridge key on top of the lower joint bridge key. The keys of the upper and lower joints will be aligned as well. (See image on the left)


REED: Remove the reed from the mouthpiece by loosening the ligature and sliding it off. Gently dry the reed with a clean cloth and place it in a reed holder. CLEANING THE INTERIOR: After playing always insert the cleaning swab into the clarinet to remove moisture. After each use rub the outside of the mouthpiece with a soft cloth then scrub the inside of the mouthpiece with a mouthpiece brush. Use lukewarm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. CLEANING THE PADS: Dry the pads by inserting cleaning pad paper between the pad and the tone hole. Lightly press the key down and carefully pulling the paper away. CLEANING THE EXTERIOR: After each use, rub on outside of the clarinet with a polishing cloth to remove particles and fingerprints. use a key brush once a week to remove dust or lint that accumulates around post and springs and under key rods. Use a pipe cleaner on hard to reach areas. Tenons tend to collect moisture, especially at the upper and lower joints. Remove all moisture from tenons cork with gauze. Apply small amounts of cork grease on neck cork to maintain the quality of the cork and to make mouthpiece assembly easy. Remember to always remove the mouthpiece when not in use.
EASY TO USE – This clarinet cleaning kit and instrument set is super lightweight, adjustable, and portable. Perfect for orchestra concerts, home use, and practice rooms.
ELEGANT & DURABLE – With a smooth, sleek finish, our clarinets are crafted with high-grade plastic casting, along with sturdy, nickel-plated keys. Turn heads (and perk ears) with your new instrument!
INCLUDED POCKETBOOK – Just starting out? All of our band & orchestra musical instruments come with a handy beginner’s pocketbook, filled with tips, tricks, and more.
GREAT GIFT – Know any aspiring young musicians, older players, or anyone in between? This is the perfect present for those looking to learn a new instrumental skill.

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Mendini by Cecillo Bb Clarinet w/Case – Best Beginners Clarinet for Students, Adults and Kids w/Stand, Pocketbook, Mouthpiece and 10 Reeds – Wind & Woodwind Musical Instruments – Black


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